Complex Back-Office Provisioning & Customer-Facing Portals

Badhri Rajagopolan, President at Xeenius, played a key as enterprise architect in designing and developing high-volume and complex back-office provisioning and customer-facing portals for a telecommunications company. The work was to support their growing footprint for residential and commercial cable, Internet and phone services. He also led the company’s business class provisioning platform that was the foundation for the largest hosted exchange platform in the world before Microsoft Office 365.

In addition, he worked with cross functional technical and management teams at and for the telco to develop and manage $5 M to $10M capital budgets. He led strategic initiatives to devise an architecture roadmap for the telco’s commercial systems, define tactical solutions (where necessary) to reduce time to market for new commercial products and designed and developed a provisioning system for Microsoft (Hosted) Exchange to scale from a single-exchange farm to a multi-tenant farm, spread across multiple data centers.