Custom Development

Xeenius has years of experience doing custom application development. We have been instrumental in the development of Oracle Technologies Center of Excellence for Integration and Digital Enablement across retail and consumer goods verticals. In addition, we provide custom development in these areas:

  • Custom portal development
  • Application integration
  • Data warehousing
  • Data management
  • Data transformation
  • Custom Java application development (node.js, angular.js, core Java)

New Product Development – Xintegr8

As firms engage in the digital revolution, a gap often exists between back office operations (merchandising, distribution, planning) and customer engagement (marketing, campaigns, customer experience). Legacy software does not easily connect with innovative digital solutions designed to make businesses operate efficiently. Xeenius has developed  Xintegra8, a platform for the to bridge the digital gap. Our unified, cloud-based Xintegra8 platform hooks to all your technologies and transforms your business into a seamless and efficient back office with cross-channel marketing and customer engagement. We transform your business into a profitable venture and an engaging customer experience.