The State Liquor Control Board was the second largest liquor purchaser in the world, operating across 630 plus stores and three distribution centers to generate $2B plus annual revenue. To maintain its leadership in North America, the board realized it had to revamp how it engaged with customers both in store and online. The control board partnered with a majoro consulting firm for a multi-year transformation journey:

  • Become more customer-oriented and market driven
  • Improve operational efficiencies through best business and management reporting best practices improve transparency and business controls
  • Modernize technology.

The board was using several disconnected applications and processes to manage its merchandising, sales, and profitability. It needed to design end-to-end processes for the Omnichannel Order Management solution to enable the commerce Anywhere vision of the board and wanted the solution to revolutionize the way they conducts business, resulting in improved process efficiencies, lower store inventory costs, an increase sales, and an enhanced customer experience.

 Xeenius Team:

The Xeenius team was brought in by the major consulting firm to help execute the process. The new platform provides a single unified end-to-end process for integrating merchandising, sales and inventory reporting, and category and fiscal management processes. The agency’s new comprehensive, user-friendly website includes state-of-the-industry features that engage its customers — e-licensing services, product inventory and store locator search engines. In addition, we provided a nationally recognized resource center addressing underage and high-risk college drinking. The e-commerce website offers consumers highly allocated items, including products from small producers and start-up companies, collector’s items, eclectic merchandise, and niche products.

Our work involved all aspects of delivering a successful technology system upgrade, including project management, communications, partner/vendor management, design and engineering, system integration and training.

Why Xeenius?

The consulting firm required a reliable highly skilled resource to provide business analysis and project management services. The Liquor Control Board had a personnel gap. Xeenius was able to successfully deliver an upgraded system in a very short period of time. We brought our resources on-board within a week from the time the requirement was published. We completed the assignment within the timeframe specified and became an integral part of the successful delivery of the upgrade. Xeenius functioned as part of the consulting firm’s team and reported to their IT management team.

This project is being referenced as an example because it showcases our ability to handle opportunities with key resources that are an excellent fit for the client’s requirements and who function as an essential part of the client’s team.