Xeenius values people. They are our most precious asset and the major differentiator between us and our competition. Core to our ability to deliver for our clients is exact and relevant project experience by the members of the Xeenius team. We have a broad range of expertise in understanding legacy platforms, developing/implementing cloud-based applications and cross-platform architectures.

Our services include three main components:

  • Project-Based Services where we are responsible for overall deliverables on a Time & Materials basis, as well as fixed cost. This option is preferred for large scale implementation and transformation projects.
    • Build – Operate – Transfer Capabilities
    • Implementation Expertise
    • Transformation from premise ERP to cloud-based services (SaaS and PaaS)
  • Managed Services involves ongoing management and operations to provide 24/7 support and business continuity. Example areas include:
    • Infrastructure and Cloud
    • Enterprise Resource Planning
    • Database Services
    • Business Intelligence
    • Middleware Services
  • Professional Services Support/Staff Augmentation delivers an experienced talent pool of resources in key areas to help clients with ongoing projects. As a software and digital integration firm, we have access to top talent with traditional and next-generation technology platforms. We maintain a constant bench of talent within our technology stack, which means vetted professionals, shortened turnaround and continuous training.
    • Project-based Recruiting
    • Solution Staffing
    • Contract Referrals
    • Full-Time Referrals
    • General Staff Augmentation
    • Onsite/Onshore/Offshore or Hybrid delivery model

Why is our staffing / recruiting approach unique?

We are a solutions services company providing implementation services around the technology platforms that most big firms are currently seeking. In addition to having access to top talent within these technology platforms, we have a team of seasoned recruiters who have several years of experience recruiting the talent required within these technology areas in addition to having solid partnerships with local firms. This extends our network within the technology ecosystems considerably and provides us with additional scale as needed.

Value we add to this process

As part of the recruitment cycle, candidates are put through a thorough vetting process before being submitted to our clients. Given the nature of our business, we maintain a constant bench of talent within our technology stack, which allows us to respond to our clients’ requirements with a shortened turnaround time.

How do we retain top talent?

As an Oracle Gold partner and a solutions focused company, Xeenius works very closely with the Oracle product teams. This provides multiple opportunities for our teams to be exposed to newer technologies. This is an advantage when retaining top talent as they are attracted to the accessibility to cutting edge technology and the ability to stay relevant in a rapidly changing market space.

We also invest in our teams by getting them to undergo training as part of our own eminence process. We demand talent and professionalism from our employees and sub-contractors and make it a symbiotic relationship by providing them a clear framework to train and grow in their careers.

How do we scale?

We have deep partnerships with several established local technology consulting firms and with companies in India that specialize in Build-Operate-Transfer capabilities. This allows us to scale and expand our capabilities globally with minimum effort when required by our clients.