As retail firms engage in the digital revolution, a gap often exists between back office operations (merchandising, distribution, planning) and customer engagement (marketing, campaigns, customer experience). Legacy software does not easily connect with innovative digital solutions designed to make retail businesses operate efficiently. Xeenius has developed Xintegra8, a platform for the retail market to bridge the digital gap. Our unified, cloud-based Xintegra8 platform hooks to all your technologies and transforms your retail business into a seamless and efficient back office with cross-channel marketing and customer engagement. We transform your retail business into a profitable venture and an engaging customer experience. The Xeenius retail experience includes:


Xeenius has a proven track record in the retail industry insuring technology ROI for its clients. We maximize value, reduce long-term costs and enhance revenue generating initiatives.
Exact and Relevant Industry Experience – Xeenius has successfully managed numerous projects and integrations across a variety of platforms — on time and within budget. We know the business (and processes that run the business). We know the technologies. We know how they can work together.
Validated Past Performance – Our past performance is validated by our clients. Repeat business is an indicator that you do quality work. We have long-standing client relationships that continue to bring value, deliver upgraded systems and create plans for an evolving technology future.
Valued Technology Partner — Rated one of the Top 10 Oracle Solution Providers, our past performance is validated by Oracle and our other technology partners. We work in concert with them to develop solutions consistent with their direction, vision and product delivery. This keeps us up-to-date on existing and emerging technologies and how to use innovative technology to create the best value for customers.


A. ROI in Three Days – A global retail client was considering implementing expansive use of WebMethods as part of their technology integration stack. We advised against doing so. Instead, we developed three Proof of Concept options to demonstrate the value behind our approach. Our chosen methods saved money and added long-term benefits to extend their IT ecosystem.
B. Data Analysis and Reporting – We have assisted a variety of clients to transform their mainframe legacy environment to an updated cloud-based environment that delivers real-time data analysis and decision making solutions for the business of today.
C. Center of Excellence Solution Development – Xeenius has developed Integration and Digital Enablement across Retail and Consumer Goods verticals in conjunction with Oracle Technologies Center of Excellence.