With today’s fast-evolving business environment, the need exists to continually update and implement new strategies to be competitive. Collecting, organizing and analyzing the enormous amount of data available throughout your organization can help uncover potential competitive advantage possibilities.  This often requires data integration across disparate system into a cohesive analytical dashboard. As a TOP 10 Oracle Solutions Partner, we understand the advantages of using top tools for data analytics.

  • Big Data Integration streamlines data and transforms it for use within the organization.
    • Oracle Data Integration Platform Cloud
    • Oracle Stream Analytics
    • Oracle’s Internet of Things
    • Oracle Event Hub Cloud Service
    • Apache Kafka cluster
  • Big Data Management makes data available to authorized users using managed and automated services.
    • Oracle Big Data Cloud (Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark)
    • Oracle Cloud at Customer
    • Oracle Big Data Cloud Service (Cloudera Hadoop ecosystem)
    • Oracle Big Data SQL (SQL and NoSQL)
    • Oracle NoSQL Database (JSON support)
  • Big Data Analytics allows data to be utilized by business leaders with predictive analytic models, machine learning tools and dashboards.
    • Oracle Analytics Cloud
    • Oracle Big Data Spatial and Graph
    • Oracle R Advanced Analytics for Hadoop